VacMaster 87630 Pro 130 Food Sealer Review

| April 14, 2011

If you’re looking for a blend of modern convenience, style and power, check out this VacMaster 87630 Pro 130 Food Sealer review to find out how this unit measures up.

Rating: ★★★★☆VacMaster 87630 Pro 130 Food Sealer

The digital age has brought much in the way of functionality and convenience to our homes and the kitchen is a major beneficiary.

A fine example is the VacMaster 87630 Pro 130 Food Sealer.

In this unit, digital technology in the form of sophisticated automatic functionality and a crisp and comprehensive LCD panel display makes this vacuum food sealer from VacMaster one of the best in its class.

This model is a real workhorse and with the digital control panel, you’re always in control.It will handle most tasks automatically but if you want complete control over your food packaging tasks, you can use the manual mode.

Product Features and Specifications

  • LCD Panel Display
  • Automatic and Manual modes as well as a Seal Now Option
  • Dual Piston Pump
  • Retractable 12 inch Seal Bar for Continuous on Demand Sealing
  • Unique pivoting design of heater strip that engages with sealer bags only during the sealing process thus reducing overheating

VacMaster Pro 130 Reviews

The general verdict from users of the VacMaster Pro 130 was that it is a solid machine running reasonably coolly. They found they could run extended jobs on the unit without the need to let it cool down in between runs.

One factor influencing the cool operation is that the extra-long seal bar raises and lowers during the vacuum process. This means that the bag is only heated during that time.

Despite the fair bulk of the unit, users were pleased with its relative lightness.

In terms of efficiency, users reported extremely fast sealing speeds with steaks taking just 12 seconds.

Many users were also pleased with the quietness of use.Users were also satisfied with the quality of the supplied sealing bags themselves.

On the negative side, one user was confused by the manual and had difficulty in sealing liquids. He found that freezing the packs before sealing eliminated this problem. If you plan to preserve a lot of liquids, you’ll want to take this into account.

Another customer appeared to have received a defective unit which started smoking after a few days.

Finally, one user cautioned that the sheer vacuuming power of this model meant that the manual mode should be used with fragile foods such as cookies. Otherwise they might crumble or stick together.

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